Who We Are

The Evolutionary Impulse by Dr. Ron Friedman, Vice President FIONS

FIONS is indeed evidence of an ongoing experiment conducted by the evolutionary impulse itself. Communities of leaders are not isolated. They are passionately involved in the social, cultural, and philosophical issues and challenges of their time. Sooner or later, in all of these gatherings, many crucial interrelated questions have to be addressed. For example, what is the relationship of the individual to the group? What is natural hierarchy? Where does authority reside? What is the form and function of leadership in this emerging community? What are its operating rules?

FIONS is an example of an organization of leaders whose very function is an attempt to define and address these questions and the answers may well be at the heart of the next stage of human social evolution.

What We Do

We support the research of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) and collaborate with other organizations engaged in similar transformative work. We serve those who are interested in studying and exploring consciousness, who fervently desire to bridge the gap between science and spirit, providing them with a forum for stimulating and open discussion. We honor and value open-minded approaches, rigorous inquiry, and diversity of perspectives.